Skywash Aircraft exterior Drywash (Application Details)

Skywash is the world’s leading drywash for aircraft. Developed to clean aircraft in locations with little or no water, the product is approved for every major airline manufacturer including Boeing, Airbus and AMS.

The product is applied by spraying (or spreading) a thin layer directly onto the exterior of the craft then spread out over the surface in 4ft x 4ft sections with a damp cloth. It is safe to apply on all external surfaces including the acrylic glass.

The product has a dry time of a few seconds, or minutes, depending on temperature and is then wiped off with a second clean micro-fiber cloth, leaving a surface that is cleaned and protected. You can then move onto the next section repeating the process until the craft is completed. If for any reason the cleaning process has to be halted, you can leave the craft at a suitable stage of cleanliness (such as the leading edges completed) and return to finish at another time. The product can also be used in wet or dry conditions, you will simply use more cloths in wet weather as they become saturated.

The reduced set up time for cleaning a craft combined with the flexibility of a non-flammable product which can be used anywhere, allows improved flexibility in craft cleaning options and reduces cleaning costs compared to the scheduling requirements and equipment requirements for a wet wash.

Extended tests by major commercial airlines have demonstrated improved fuel efficiencies achieved due to the high gloss remaining on the surface, reducing drag to allow up to a 1.5% reduction in fuel consumption on yearly basis when using the drywash process.

With increasing emphasis on water in general and contaminated water disposal at airfields in particular, Skywash not only offers an environmental solution, it does so at a reduced cost when compared to traditional wet-wash methods.

For inquiries about demonstrations, including an Annual Value Package proposal to establish the yearly cost and environmental savings, please contact and we will be pleased to develop a custom solution for your requirements including all the ancillary equipment you need to complete the work, such as; 3M™ aviation approved products, micro-fiber cloths and accesoiries.

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