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Skywash International was developed for commercial and general aviation in response to increasing regulations for water efficiency and reduction of carbon emissions in all sectors of air transport. Based on this foundation, the Skywash mission is to provide cleaning and protection products to the commercial and business aviation industries that set the new standard for maintaining aircraft exteriors for fuel efficiency, water savings and long-term paint and corrosion protection.

Skywash manufactures and distributes formulas that are compatible with protective coatings and sealants and are approved for aviation and aerospace manufacturer specifications. Skywash formulas can be customized for specific requirements targeting various stages of paint condition. Skywash products are delivered worldwide to maintenance teams in all sectors of MRO, FBO, Airline, OEM and general aviation through international offices and are also available for Automotive, Industrial, and Marine applications.

We continually move forward to identify the requirements of our clients out in the field to develop and supply new technologies in eco-maintenance of the highest quality. The Skywash International team offers full product and drywash training services for maintenance crews.

The company recently launched Sky-Water, a campaign that donates 1% of proceeds to water charities to bring water resources to communities in need. By saving millions of gallons of water each year through waterless wash programs, we can contribute to the global cause.

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