Heavy Duty Degreaser Zero V.O.C.

Zero V.O.C Environmentally friendly heavy-duty degreaser specifically formulated to be environmentally friendly. Aggressive concentrate removes hydraulic fluid, exhaust and other difficult to remove dirt and grime from the aircraft. Dilutable and bio-degradable and safe for use on landing gear, wheel wells, aircraft exteriors and aerospace/aircraft ground equipment.

Method of use: Spray the heavy-duty degreaser on and allow the product 15-30 seconds to penetrate, scrub with a towel or scrub pad.  Wipe and rinse with water. use full strength  1:1 for heavy hydraulic fluid and other difficult to remove dirt and grim from the aircraft.  Can be dilute up to 10:1 for routine light-duty cleaning

Effect on materials: a high-quality product. cleans, the surface. can be used on painted surfaces.  maintains value and leaves a clean shining surface. environmentally friendly.

Made in USA

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1 gal, 5 gal

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