Leather Cleaner Conditioner & Restore (Light new Leather Scent)

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Leather Cleaner Conditioner & Restore protects and prevents the leather from deteriorating.

Leather Cleaner & Conditioner & Restore - light new leather scent. This product is engineered and tested to deliver durable dry-to-the-touch results to leather. It gently cleans as it conditions, leaving the leather soft and supple. It will breathe new life into your leather. Achieve the natural look and feel of soft, fantastic leather with Leather Cleaner & Conditioner & Restore. It will assure the natural leather scent and color are left in tact. Leather is absolutely stunning when it is treated and cared for properly. Cleaning and conditioning is very important to keep leather looking its best. Mistreated or neglected leather can result in dried, aged and cracked leather. Treat your leather right with Leather Cleaner & Conditioner & Restore.

Method of use:

Use as supplied. Wet a clean and dust free cloth with the product. Wipe over the leather surface with the wet cloth, then wipe over the leather surface with a clean and dry cloth. Avoid over wetting the leather. Use again if you have heavy staining. Economic and safe: universally applicable fast, effective cleaning and care biologically-degradable, flame-resistant, and highly effective. Very small usage increases the lifespan and the natural state of the surface.


It is always best to test the color fastness of the finished leather item prior to use. Apply a small amount to a white clean microfiber cloth, and rub gently onto an inconspicuous area. If no color comes off onto the cloth and no change occurs in the original surface, then continue.

  1. Remove any excess stain from the surface before cleaning.
  2. Apply the product to a clean microfiber cloth.
  3. Blot the stained area using gentle circular motion.
  4. Repeat the process if necessary


  • Professional high quality leather conditioner cream lotion
  • Formulated with stain guard
  • 100% dry-to-the-touch and non-greasy
  • Preserves the leather's strength, durability and appearance

Made in USA

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1 gal, 32 oz, 5 gal

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