Pro Exterior Heavy-Duty Wet / Foam Wash

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A heavy-duty water-base product that cleans the surface and dissolves strong oils, greases, carbon, grime, brake dust and deeply intruded environmental dirt. Can be applied as a film or foam for aircraft exterior surfaces. Is safe on metals and painted surfaces. Approvals:  Boeing D6-17487 Revision P,  AMS 1526B

Our exterior wet wash is a highly concentrated cleaner that can be diluted. It is water-based. Cleans surfaces and dissolves even the strongest soiling such as oil, carbon, grime, brake dust, gumming’s and deeply embedded environmental dirt. Can be applied as a film for aircraft exterior surface cleaning. Safe on all metals.

Manual wash:   Apply with brush, dilute 1:10 up to 1:20 with water, depending on the soil. Follow with 3 minutes dwell time then rinse with water.

Foam wash:  Use a professional foam cannon. Fill application container with foam wash. Attach container to applicator brush/ lance. Adjust mix to 1 part snow foam to 300 parts water. Apply foam wash to all external surfaces of the aircraft including the underbelly, making sure all surfaces have been evenly coated.  Allow the foam wash to settle on surfaces for 3-5 minutes. Using clean water rinsing the foam wash from the surfaces using appropriate jet wash equipment or hoses. If any areas after rinsing have been missed re-apply foam wash using the same procedure above.

Directions:   Only dilute with water.  Do not mix the product with other degreasers or aircraft washing chemicals.  Dilute 1:10 for heavy-duty cleaning.  Dilute up to 1:30 for light-duty cleaning.  Brush or spray product onto the aircraft.  Scrub with a soft brush or scrub pad.  Rinse with water.


Is safely applicable, no hydrogen embrittlement does not attack glass and plexiglass, painted surfaces, plastics, magnesium, titanium, cadmium. Environmentally friendly and contains no hazardous or toxic materials.

Approvals: Boeing D6-17487 Revision P, AMS 1526B

Made in the USA

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