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After a lengthy Testing phase GBS has selected SKYWASH™ International to supply all its DryWash and Wash and Wax products.  Its superior results and Dedication to Excellence is in keeping with GBS Commitment to supply and Apply only the finest Products Available. (GBS Exclusive)

GBS will apply  SKYWASH™ Skywash Super Efficient Dry Wash Cleaner which is compatible with protective coating and sealants. Skywash is approved by Commercial, Business and General Aviation industries including Airbus, Boeing, McDonnel Douglas, Gulfstream and AMS. All Cleaning will be done by hand in place, our product enhances Fuel Savings, Water Savings and Time Leaving your aircraft with a high durable shine. Skywash DryWash Cleans without the use of water while protecting the aircraft surface leaving a smooth high gloss finish, reducing aerodynamic drag fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. (For heavy contaminated Surfaces we will  first Clean your Aircraft with our BioBased “Safe Clean” cleaner and then apply SKE SE1)

Gerald Sichlinger CEO



Thank you for the opportunity to try your cleaning products. After my maintenance team tried it out, it was so easy to apply and the results were impressive. Even though we contract all of our Aircraft detailing, I would recommend it to them to use in our fleet.

Kristino Mico Lector
Lead Aircraft Tech.

Pilot Safety Institute


In ten years of flying, I have found that Skywash™ Drywash is far above and beyond the easiest way to wash and clean airplanes. There are many good spray on and wipe off type airplane cleaners, but none of them truly wax the airplane. Flying in the very crowded Los Angeles basin, having a clean and shiny airplane is critical to avoiding mid-air collisions. Along with using lights-on and appropriate radio calls, having the sun shine off the plane really enhances other pilot’s ability to see and avoid my aircraft.

With more and more airports restricting the washing of airplanes, it is important to find an environmentally friendly cleaning product.

I have used many cleaners and waxes and none have cleaned so well in such a short time. Also my airplanes stay cleaner much longer and I have reduced my overhead and labor on cleaning airplanes by 50%. I have tested and used this product on everything from a Cessna 172 to large turbine powered aircraft. If keeping your aircraft clean with less work is important to you, I would recommend this product to anyone


Gary D. Reeves, ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI

Gary D. Reeves is an Airline Transport Pilot, Flight, Instrument and, Multi-Engine Instructor with over 5,000 hours. He owns a flight school and written testing center in Long Beach, CA. A member of the FAA Safety Team, and an active public speaker on aviation safety he is the director of the Pilot Safety Institute.

Jet Wash, Inc


I've operated Jet Wash for over 20 years wet and dry washing aircraft. We've washed everything from small Citation jets to 747's for both the fractional private jet industry and for the major airlines. We've gone thru dozens of exterior cleaning products over the years and the latest products we're now using for dry washing / waxing are the Skywash wax products. What is amazing about Skywash is that it's an easy one step process using quality long lasting protective wax. No need to look any further, this wax out shines the rest.

Scott Bishop

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