Polish I High Tech-Nano Abrasive Compound (350) SKU: SK2014

Especially made for Aircraft paint. Use to remove 1200 grit sanding scratches; swirls, oxidation and corrosion. Creates a smooth high gloss finish. An aggressive compound that utilizes nano-technology abrasives. Is a compound for heavy-duty oxidation/corrosion. A defect remover that permanently repairs painted or unpainted aluminum and chromium-plated surfaces.

Method of use:

Hand Application:

  1. For best results, use out of direct sunlight.
  2. Use a clean terry towel  or microfiber applicator pad or towel.
  3. Work in small areas, apply using small circular motion.
  4. Rub until dry. Buff away excess product. Repeat as necessary.

Rotary Application:

  1. Apply 4-5 drops to desired pad.
  2. Set machine 1000-1500 RPMs to spread product.
  3. Always work in 2’ x 2’ sections at a time.
  4. Using just the weight of the machine (no pressure) work the area in 3-4 passes until polish becomes clear.
  5. For final pass, adjust speed setting to between 1200-1800 RPMs. Work until optical clarity has been achieved.
  6. Remove residue with a clean microfiber towel.

After polishing, use SKY-Shield  Anti-Corrosion Paint Protectant SK2016.

Specifically made for paint protection with a slick and high gloss shine. Paint sealant for new and old paint. Contains 4 Different polymers that create a high gloss and durable finish long lasting paint protection.


A high-quality product. Cleans and polishes the surface. Can be used on painted or unpainted surfaces. Works well on aluminum and chromium plated surfaces. Maintains value and leaves a clean shining surface. Environmentally friendly, does not harm metal or paintwork.

Made in USA

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1 gal, 32 oz

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