Polish III Heavy Cutting Compound (550) SKU: SK2013

The Heavy Cut 550 is a fast cutting, heavy-duty compound.  It uses a blend of both diminishing abrasives and non-diminishing abrasives to cut fast and then polish with a smooth, glossy finish. The product was produced for fast cutting for fiberglass finishes (used for Aircraft, boats, motor homes, Auto and ) and for fast cutting after paint repair and sanding with 1000-1200 grit sandpaper.

Method of use:

Polish III Heavy Cutting Compound is a water-based emulsion that contains only food grade ingredients.  It exceeds California Air Resources Board regulations for VOCs  (only contains 1 grams/liter) and exceeds all EU environmental and safety regulations.  It does not contain crystalline silica or any type of harmful abrasive powder. The product can be used with any type of pad.  For fast cutting, use a wool-cutting pad.  For milder cutting and better finishing, use a foam-cutting pad or a Euro Foam style pad.


The surface should be clean and dry before buffing.  Apply about a quarter-sized dab of product to the paint surface and spread over a 2’ x 2’ area using slow speed to prevent flinging.  Increase speed to 1500 – 2000 rpm and buff the area using overlapping motions to remove sanding scratches, oxidation, etc.  Continue buffing until product is almost completely gone.  Remove any residue with a microfiber towel.  Examine area to make sure all imperfections were removed.  If necessary repeat buffing a second time.

Use after polishing:

For paint surfaces, follow with the SK2014 with a euro style foam pad to create a flawless finish.

Follow with SKU: SK2014 and then with SKY-Shield  Anti-Corrosion Paint Protectant SKU: SK2016. Specifically made for paint protection with a slick and high gloss shine. Paint sealant for new and old paint. Contains 4 Different polymers that create a high gloss and durable finish long lasting paint protection.

Made in USA

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1 gal, 32 oz

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