SKY-SE1 Drywash Carbon Activator with Paint Protection

SKY-SE1™ Drywash Carbon Activator with paint protection formulated especially for removing heavier carbon and grease stains while leaving a clean and high-glossed surface. Protects long term against harsh environment, UV-rays, oxidation and protects from corrosion. Can be used on all painted and unpainted surfaces. Approvals: Boeing D6-17487 REV R, AMS 1650C, Airbus AIMS 09-00-002-(Issue3),  Dassault Falcon CPM and Dassault RCP. ( Recommendation for Corrosion Prevention.), Textron Aviation CSPM Beechcraft, Cessna, Hawker, all models.

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SKY-SE1 Drywash

Safe and user friendly

Special Drywash with Carbon Remover and paint protection
Aircraft cleaning and paint protection - without water - odorless.

Clean, glossy and protected surfaces with Next Generation SKY-SE1™ Drywash Carbon Activator with paint protection. 

  • A safe, water based, sustainable cleaning product which has been tested and approved according to international aviation standards.
  • Cleans gently and protects in one step. Leaves a protected and high-gloss surface shine.
  • Protects long term against harsh environment, salt, UV-rays and oxidation.
  • Protects from corrosion.
  • It is a concentrated blend can be diluted with SK310.
  • Employee friendly, no dust, pleasant odor.

Effortless application of SKY-SE1™ Drywash Carbon Activator with paint protection:

Application: Shake or stir well before use. Apply the SKY-SE1 drywash Carbon Activator with Paint Protection to a clean cloth/pad or spray. Spread out over a small section to be cleaned and let dwell for a few seconds. Then remove the dirt with a microfiber/cotton cloth while the product is still moist. Repeat process if section is not clean. Wait for a few more seconds till white haze. Remove residue with a dry clean microfiber cloth to a high protected shine. The product can also be removed in a semi-dry condition. Repeat process (in sections) over the surface. Regular use protects the paint against corrosion and leaves the aircraft surface in an aerodynamically clean condition. It is a concentrated blend diluted SK310

Effect on materials: A high quality product which cleans and protects the surface. A non-abrasive formula, can be used on paintwork, chrome, stainless steel and aluminum. Can be used on all painted and unpainted surfaces. Cleans gently, protects against corrosion. Maintains value and leaves a clean shining surface, protects long term against harsh environment, salt, acid rain, other pollutants, UV-rays and oxidation. Environmentally friendly, does not harm painted or unpainted surfaces.

Advantages and benefits of SKY-SE1™ Drywash Carbon Activator with paint protection
Efficient and Safe

Problem-free, safe application
No water is necessary
High efficiency,

Made in USA

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1 gal, 32 oz, 5 gal