SKY-SE1™ PRO Quick Clean Drywash with Nano-Tech Paint Protection SKU: SK309

SKY-SE1™ PRO Quick Clean Drywash with Nano-Tech Paint Protection, is a simple wipe-on wipe-off application. A two step light-duty cleaner with high quality gloss and protective finish. Cleans and leaves a high gloss shine with no white haze. Reduces maintenance time so the aircraft spends less time on the ground with no contaminated water run-off.  A solution that preserves paint life, smooths the exterior surface and improves aircraft performance.


Boeing D 6-17487 Rev R,
Airbus AIMS 09-00-002-3,
AMS 1650 C,
Approved by AIR France.
Bombardier all models.
Dassault Falcon CPM,
Dassault Falcon FSA Corrosion Prevention,
Textron Aviation CSPM Beechcraft, Cessna, Hawker, all models


SKY-SE1™ PRO Quick Clean Drywash with Nano-Tech Paint Protection is a simple two step wipe-on wipe-off application. Cleans and leaves a high quality gloss protective finish, with no white haze or residue. A non-hazmat unique liquid, A drywash cleaning solution especially formulated to be used on exterior painted surfaces. SKY-SE1™ PRO Quick Clean Drywash with Nano-Tech Paint Protection is a two step light-duty paint protecting cleaner.  A waterless cleaning method that is safe to use in areas where painting or other maintenance tasks can be done at the same time. Reduces aircraft maintenance downtime and turnaround.

Special Cleaning Product
Aircraft cleaning - without water - odorless
Application:  Shake or stir well before use. Spray or wipe on to the surface, the unique emulsion will lift and emulsify dirt away from the surface suspending it in a unique blend of hyper-surfactants, with Nano-Technologie and gentle lubricating agents. Then remove the dirt with a microfiber towel or pad wipe gently in one direction with no pressure to remove the dirt while the product is still moist. Repeat process if section is not clean.  Let it dry to a high protected shine. The product can also be removed in a semi-dry condition. Repeat process (in sections) over the surface. Regular use protects the paint against corrosion and leaves the surface in an aerodynamically clean condition.

Economic and safe
Problem-free and safe application as no water is necessary. Gentle cleaning, maintenance and
conservation, physiologically harmless, multifunctional applicable, high efficiency, international.

SKU: SK309

Made in USA

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