DRYWASH Below Zero -10°F / -23°C.

EXTERIOR BELOW ZERO -10 F / -23 C. DRYWASH IS READY TO USE , Water-based. Cleans the surface and dissolves soiling such as carbon, grime, brake dust and deeply intruded  environmental dirt. Can be applied as a film. For Aircraft Exterior surfaces. Cleaner is safe on all surfaces.


USE DRYWASH BELOW ZERO AS RECEIVED. Spray on or use an applicator tool such as a mop or cloth.  Pat or spray onto the surface area at several locations within a supply zone.  Spread and agitate onto the aircraft surface in the zone (a moderate film) of cleaning agent),  Keep surface wet, without running material. Wipe it clean. Extreme soil conditions require a secondary application.  It may be necessary to use a soft hair bristle brush to loosen soil on primary application. 


Use protective clothes, gloves and eyes protection for application.


A high quality product which cleans the surface and can be used on all painted surfaces. Cleans gently. It maintains value and leaves a clean shining surface. Environmentally friendly.

Made in USA

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1 gal, 5 gal

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